by Celestial Vernacular

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Constellations is an experimental concept album telling a highly-metaphorical story of a journey through the woods by night. Prelude begins at dusk and the following songs carry the story on through to morning. While Constellations speaks heavily of feelings of loneliness, confusion, and hurt, seeks to also point towards the idea of hope and that it's worth every step we takes towards it.

This album was designed to be gapless and listened to from start to finish. We strongly suggest your listening experience to follow that.


released April 15, 2014

Stephen Irish - Guitar, Piano, Strings, Vocals, Lyrics
Drew Timmer - Bass, Drums, Synth, Piano, Bells, Mandolin, Banjo, Rainstick, Vocals, Soundscapes, Lyrics

Guest appearances:
Ashley DeVries - Vocals on Shadowlands and Verloren
Jeremy Cobb - Vocals on Verloren and See Through Me, Guitar on Skylights
Hana Keener - Vocals on Camelopardalis

Engineered and produced by Drew Timmer
Mixed and mastered by Andrew vandenBerg at Thunder In The City Productions.



all rights reserved


Celestial Vernacular Zeeland, Michigan

Celestial Vernacular is Stephen Irish and Drew Timmer. They have been making music together since 2005, but only within the last few years recorded music under this moniker.

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Track Name: Constellations!
I was a sun in her sky
She was a star in my night
I'd do anything to be back where I belong

It's dark and cold out here alone
Someone please help me get come
Oh, save me quickly, I feel myself falling from the sky
Track Name: Boreal
Helpless I watch my life unravel
Drifting endlessly away
This is how it all begins
This is how we start to end

Capture now the grace in balance
Swirling motion takes me in
Oh God, I can't stop in this silence
This pulled thread can't be restitched

Reckless I chose the path less travelled
Soon found it dwindling away
I cannot remember where I've been
If I could only try again

I vaguely recall the place I started
Oh how I did not know my way
Unforseen I took this gamble
What course of action led me astray?

I can't believe that I have fallen
Off the edge of the world, a place uncharted

At the fall
Is this where I'm meant to be
Wake me up
God I pray it's just a dream
I am lost
Helplessly beneath the trees
After all
You were just a memory
Track Name: Shadowlands
What are these cold and lifeless forms?
Follow at my heels and stare as they warn
Dangers up ahead, lurking on the way
Devouring hearts, there isn't time to stay

They see me searching, sweep in from the trees
Levitating effortlessly
Their chilling presence, their glowing eyes
I'm overtaken by their haunting cries

Aimlessly wandering, I don't really know where to go
These friendly specters point me in the direction of home
If I can make it past the fangs and claws then I'll have hope
That I can get this dying heart of mine back home

What are these creatures of the night
Seem to know we are not alone
Walk along they follow close behind
I will not stay, these trees are not my home

I will have to face the dangers
All I know is I must believe
King of ghosts raises a hand
I'm unafraid when he speaks to me
Track Name: Verloren
Why did you bring me here?
Break me out just to make me disappear, disappear
Pain overwhelming, I try to run away, run away
But words can't be unspoken
Unafraid, unashamed
You broke me down to nothing

I'm losing everything
And I cannot breathe

This is all that I feared
Your words are swirling
They're making things appear, so unclear
I can't believe it's hopeless
You were just a breath away
And now you're lost to focus
Abandoned here, the light it fades
And I can't escape this

I can't see
I can't feel you
You're bringing me
You're breaking me down

And I never meant to hurt you
But I'm lost and I need space to find my way out
And I'm sorry but I cannot stay
This isn't what I needed
Track Name: Luna
The crescent moon
Will shed it's light and guide me to you
Throw aside my crown
Leave home, leave home, you will be found
Hope aloft
In expanses of the dark night
I strain my eyes
And stumble through shadow in search of light

I was the boy obsessed with the sun,
Each day I awoke when the light broke
When tragedy struck,
They brought darkness to our lands
Famine swept through, devastation
Who will save our civilization?
We knew we needed the sun
We needed the sun, we needed the sun
Track Name: See Through Me
You, you see through me
It's not that you get me
It's that I'm just not there

I, I've been shouting
Do you even care?
I'm dying for attention
Oh, just a single stare

And you, you make me feel weak
And that I can't sleep
What have you done to me?

Words, they don't come out right
They're all just too light
I'm simply losing hope

I gave to you the best of me
You gave it back half-heartedly
You just see through me
You just see through me
Track Name: Camelopardalis
Cast me from this picture, I must be floating away
When did I stumble down here into this angelic array?
Are you hiding in the boughs of the golden summer trees?
Are you lost in the constellations and the gentle breeze?

And I can still see your smile
And I can still feel your breath here
You can't be that far away

Oh, the stars, falling from the sky
Oh, the stars, shimmering tonight

Where were you when I fell through?
Where were you? I need the truth

I can feel it in the wind
And I know you've felt it too
I'm called to other places
They don't involve you
This vault of stars above us
Moves overhead with grace
I finally have direction
You need time and I need space

What to do with all these memories?
When all the lights go out, when all the lights go out
I know I couldn't stop you, why did you go so soon?
When all the lights go out, when all the lights go out